Getting To Know Once-Fired Brass With Common FAQs

Posted on: 29 July 2020

If you enjoy shooting and target practice with firearms, buying brand-new ammunition to continuously refill your clip can cost a lot of money. Many people who enjoy shooting certain firearms will reload their own brass cartridges instead of buying new ammunition. Once-fired brass is available for just this purpose. Here is a look at just a few of the common questions about once-fired brass and the answers you should know.

Do you have to clean once-fired brass before you reload it?

Whether or not you have to clean the brass before you reload it with new gun powder and bullet heads can depend on where you get it. If you are getting the brass casings from a supplier, they may have already tumbled and cleaned the brass to make sure none of the casings have flaws and need to be discarded or recycled. If you are getting the brass somewhere else, such as from an individual, the casings may not have been cleaned already. Cleaning is important because it helps prevent getting debris and gunk in your reloading dies and equipment. 

Where is the best place to find once-fired brass?

Once-fired brass is best purchased from a reputable supplier. While once-fired brass is not hard to find, true-once fired brass has only been fired one time, and some companies do not go the extra extent to make sure the brass has only been fire one time. The more brass has been fired, the more wear it sustains, which can lower the accuracy of a shot once the brass has been reloaded. You can also collect once-fired cartridges at some firing ranges that require only new brass to be used.

What are the advantages of using once-fired brass to make reloaded ammo?

As already stated, the primary advantage of using once-fired brass is the fact that the cartridges are not as worn or dirty, which can improve the accuracy of a shot. Another advantage is the fact that you can use the previously used brass to make ammo for cheaper than what it would normally be if purchased new.

What is the difference between once-fired brass and range brass?

Once-fired brass is brass that comes from cartridges that should have only been fired one time. Range brass is collected from various firing ranges, which means it may have been fire numerous times depending on how many times the brass has been reloaded.

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