The Many Steps To Writing And Sending Difficult Letters After Passing

Posted on: 17 April 2020

At some point, we must accept our passing will come. Someone with little time on the earth may wish to take steps to deal with the passing's impact on others. Drawing up a will reflects a bold step, but there are smaller ones worth considering. Sending letters to loved ones after you pass away could be a positive gesture. The messages can reveal true feelings in a heartfelt way. Sadly, family relationships may become strained ones. Relatives might not be able to work out their problems while living. Upon passing, a well-worded letter could help put out some emotional fires. Hiring a professional service to send letters after passing might ensure others know your true thoughts.

Steps to Consider With the Passing Letter

Sending the letters is only part of the process. Composing the correspondence represents the other all-important aspect. Spending time putting things together with the letter service could lead to the right emotional impact. Here are things to consider to achieve the preferred result:

Crafting the Content

The content of the letter carries tremendous weight. Therefore, making sure the writing comes off as best as possible becomes essential. Perhaps you could draw up a draft letter along with bullet points reflecting the letter's main sentiments. The service can then review both the draft and the summary material to, possibly, improve the writing.

Choosing the Paper and Letterhead 

Sending a letter on blank white paper lacks emotion. Selecting, say, light blue presents a calming look that doesn't detract from the seriousness. Nor will a light color likely detract from the font. And illustration at the top of the latter could also help get the right sentiment across.

Determining When to Send 

Sending a letter out right away might not be the best decision. Relatives do need to get over some of their initial grief. The letter may have a better impact when the recipient is in a more positive state of mind. Also, if the letter's tone is conciliatory, then the right timing is vital to getting the intended message across.

The above points represent a few benefits to working with a service. Handwriting the letters by yourself, pre-stamping them, and asking someone to send them might not work out well.

Plan in Advance 

Don't think there's ever too early of a time to plan out the process. Take care of things now, so everything is in place and ready. Doing something before experiencing a decline in health or other problems occur usually leads to a preferable outcome.