Top Reasons To Use Single Use Temperature Data Loggers When Shipping Prescription Medication

Posted on: 27 May 2019

While many prescription medications can be shipped without any care being paid to temperature, there are a number of medications that need strict temperature control ro ensure that the medication remains in a safe and usable state. This can make the logistics of shipping medication more complicated for a specialty pharmacy or a pharmaceutical company. An easy solution is to use single use temperature data loggers when shipping temperature-sensitive prescription medications. Single use temperature data loggers are sold by a number of manufacturers, so it is not difficult to find a supplier. Some of the top benefits of using single use temperature data loggers when shipping temperature-sensitive medication include:

Small in Size

Thanks to advances in technology, single use data loggers are smaller than ever. Due to their small size, they are easy to add to any size package, whether it is large or small. Since single use temperature data loggers are so small, they don't add extra weight, so you don't have to worry about an increase in shipping costs. While small in size, you can count on a single use temperature data logger to accurately gauge the temperature inside an insulated and refrigerated shipping container to ensure that the prescription medication is kept at the proper temperature throughout the entire shipping process.


It is no secret that prescription medication can be quite expensive, so it is important to ensure that pharmacies and consumers receive medication that is safe and usable. Errors in packaging temperature-sensitive medication and failure to monitor the temperature during shipping can create costly mistakes. When you compare the cost of a single use temperature data logger to the price of a shipment of medication, they are surprisingly affordable. A small investment in single use temperature data loggers can help ensure that thousands of dollars worth of temperature-sensitive prescription medication does not go to waste due to temperature variations during shipping.

Quality Control

No specialty pharmacy or pharmaceutical company want to provide consumers with medication that may be ineffective or unsafe to use because it was not kept at the proper temperature during the shipping process. When your company uses single use temperature data loggers, you can review and analyze the data from the logger and be notified if there is a temperature variation that has caused medication to be outside of the recommended temperature zone. This information will help you maintain quality control and take measures to ensure that consumers don't use medication that may not have been shipped at the right temperature. 

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