Ordering Gravel Over The Phone: How To Accurately Deliver Your Order For The Desired Result

Posted on: 25 March 2019

Before you could even order a customized coffee, you could order gravel and get exactly what you wanted. Most landscaping companies still take orders for top soil, sod, and gravel over the phone so that there is limited confusion as to what the consumer wants. You, as the consumer, have to deliver your order over the phone with accuracy so that you get exactly what you want. Here are some tips on how to deliver your phone order in a manner so that the company representative gets the order down perfectly. 

Specify Color

Yes, specifying color seems like an odd thing to mention over the phone, but the fact remains that not all gravel is gray. In fact, some gravel is granite red, or black, or even quartzite white. You can get gravel in lots of different colors now. Just ordering gravel without specifying color often ends up either defaulting to gray, or "dealer's choice" (i.e., the phone representative chooses whatever is on sale at the moment, which could be any color). Pick a color, and specify the color when ordering. 

Specify Rock Size

Gravel is not a "one-size-fits-all" product anymore. Now you can purchase everything from pea-sized gravel (accurately named, "pea gravel) to small boulder size for yard and water garden decoration. If you are doing a project like filling in the driveway, either pea gravel or quarter-sized gravel is used most often. If you are coating that driveway with concrete, then opt for the quarter-sized gravel that will create a heavier, denser, and firmer driveway. Just make sure you fully describe the size of gravel you need when ordering.

Specify Amount

Gravel is delivered via dump truck. Usually, a quarter ton is the least amount most companies are willing to deliver due to the costs of diesel fuel and the time it takes to drive to your home and drop the load. Depending on the size of the pieces of gravel in the load, you may have enough in a quarter-ton to do one-third to one-half of a short driveway (i.e., less than 50 feet). A half-ton of gravel of any size is often a good-sized load for most projects. Just keep in mind that when you place your order, if you do not order enough gravel, you have to pay additional delivery charges for additional loads to be delivered. It is best to err on the side of too much gravel than not enough. 

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