3 Great Ways Text Marketing Can Benefit Your Small Business

Posted on: 5 September 2018

If you've just started a small business, you may be looking for unique ways to gather new customers. There are many tactics you can employ, but one of the most innovative is text marketing, also known as business SMS. It's an effective marketing strategy that comes with the following benefits.

Provides a Direct Marketing Channel 

With a lot of marketing tactics today, there are a lot of hoops consumers have to jump through. Such is the case with internet marketing, which requires people to have a computer and online connectivity.

You can have a more direct marketing channel by relying on text marketing, however. For your target audience to get your marketing messages and ads, all they have to do is open up your texts through their phone. This direct way of communicating to consumers betters your odds of getting their business. 

Helps You Gain Valuable Feedback 

If you're just starting a small business, you probably haven't had enough time to iron out some of its kinks. There may be some issues present, but how do you know what they are? Well, you can find out problems with your business model by using text marketing.

It enables you to send out quick surveys that consumers can fill out within minutes on their phone. Once this information is sent back to your company, you'll have a better idea of what is and isn't working. For example, these customer surveys may shed light onto some poor customer service issues you've been having lately. Knowing this helps you address this area of your business before irreparable damage is done. 

Increases Customer Engagement 

Mobile phones are such an important resource for people today. You can take advantage of this demand for technology with text marketing, ultimately enhancing your company's customer engagement. You can send them all sorts of beneficial information straight to their phones, such as upcoming sales, weekly promotions, and rewards programs. 

You can even send customers relevant texts with information that will enhance their lives in some way, be it DIY or how-to articles. Whatever useful information is sent, your customers are more likely to engage with your small business because it's easy for them to do so using their phones.  

As a small business owner, you're always looking for ways to attract new customers. Consider text marketing as a way to do so. It's a relatively simple form of marketing to master and won't cost your company a fortune to execute.