Effective Spots to Mount a Pistol Safe in Your Home

Posted on: 6 April 2017

Owning a pistol can help you to protect you and your family in the event of a home invasion, but you may not always have the weapon on your person. Instead, you'll likely keep it in a safe, but you want the safe to be easily accessible in the event someone breaks into your home. Whether you're rushing to retrieve the firearm or you're under duress from a criminal and have to get the weapon subtly, using a pistol safe may be more advantageous than a full-sized gun safe. Because of its small size, a pistol safe can be mounted in a variety of locations without being overly visible. Here are some effective spots to mount this safe.

Under the Kitchen Table

Many pistols safes are designed to be mounted under a flat surface, making them perfect for attaching beneath your kitchen table. Having the gun safe in this location can be handy for multiple reasons. Many people spend much of their time in the kitchen or in rooms that are close to the kitchen. If you suspect someone is trying to enter your home or already has entered, you should be able to retrieve the pistol quickly. Additionally, if you're a victim of a home invasion, the perpetrator may assemble your family at the kitchen table while searching for valuables. In this scenario, drawing the pistol would be easy.

In a Bedroom Closet

Having your pistol safe mounted in your bedroom closet is convenient if you hear someone breaking in during the night. You'll only need to take a few steps to retrieve your firearm so that you can defend yourself. Additionally, if a home invasion suspect is holding you at knifepoint or gunpoint and demanding that you turn over your valuables, you can use the ruse of retrieving valuables from your bedroom closet. Then, as you fuss with jewelry or watches, you can quickly open the safe and retrieve your weapon.

Under a Table in the Entry Hall

If you have a table in the front entrance of your home, perhaps on which to set car keys, the mail, and other similar items, this can be a perfect location for your pistol safe. In this spot, your weapon is nearby whenever you have to answer the door. This means that if someone has come to your door and is attempting to push past you to enter your home, you only need to turn around, open the safe, and retrieve your firearm.