5 Features To Make An Outdoor Dining Area More Appealing

Posted on: 4 October 2016

If you are a restaurant or a cafe owner with a potential area for outdoor dining, you may wonder how to set it up to be more attractive to potential guests. Creating an outdoor dining area not only expands your seating capacity, but also attracts clients who prefer open air dining. While even setting up a few tables outside can immediately increase your dining offering, there are some additional steps you can take to make your outdoor area more compelling. Below are five features you should consider including in your outdoor dining area. 

A Stationary Awning 

If you are a small business owner, you may be wondering whether you should opt for a stationary awning or a retractable awning. While retractable awnings have many benefits including greater control over positioning throughout the day and evening and the ability to retract after business hours, if you are looking for a truly luxurious outdoor dining experience, you should opt for a stationary awning. Stationary awnings can stand up to rain and wind better than retractable awnings, making them better for all seasons. Additionally, their frames can support additional features such as misters or awning walls. 

Decorative Interior

When designing an awning, your main concern will likely be what kind of curb appeal the awning has. A memorable awning can help attract customers while making your restaurant or cafe easy to describe and find. However, you should also be concerned with the experience of the patrons who are dining under your awning. Discuss custom options such as graphics or designs being included on the underside of your awning. Additionally, you should think critically about how the framing of the awning will interact with the covering to create a visually pleasing atmosphere. You want the awning to look appealing from the curb and from your seating area. 

Heating and Cooling Elements 

To make your dining area appealing throughout the year, it is important that you are able to control the temperature of the dining area. This can be done through the placement of space heaters and misting systems. If you opt for a stationary awning frame, misters and space heaters can be permanently attached to your awning so you do not have to take them down each night and set them up in the morning. However, portable heaters will give your patrons more control over their individual heating experience. 

Mood Lighting and Music 

Stringing rope lights or hanging paper lanterns from beneath your awning can make your dining area more enjoyable during the evening. For a cafe or bar, the lighting can be minimal. However, if you will be serving food, you should make sure that there is enough lighting directed towards the tables for patrons to see their meals. The lighting will also provide a gentle glow that will let potential patrons know your establishment is operating and make it more appealing as a dining destination. Additionally, outdoor speakers with low music will help create the ambiance you want for your establishment. 

Optional Awning Walls

Awning walls can be folded up during good weather and folded down when the weather gets bad. They often come with several options. For example, mosquito netting will let a fresh breeze onto your patio while keeping bugs away from diners. Alternatively, canvas or vinyl walls will keep rain or wind away from your clients, expanding your dining area even in cold weather. Awning walls can be constructed in many different styles to help match your overall decor and create the dining experience that you want to give your customers. 

While an outdoor dining area does not need all of these features, having most of them will help ensure a comfortable dining experience for your guests. For more information, contact a company like Hightech Signs.