Refurnish Your Home Office To Improve Your Productivity

Posted on: 11 August 2016

If you have a home business, you already know how easy it is to slack off when you lack motivation. If you spend the better part of the day alone, you probably justify your lack of productivity by telling yourself that one of the perks of working from home is that you get to set your own schedule and you deserve a break when you need one. The problem is that one break can lead to another and, before you know it, you are wasting hours of your day and losing money in the process. Jumpstarting your productivity and motivation may be as simple as investing in the right office furniture for your home office. Keep these factors in mind as you re-furnish your office.

Desks and Chairs

Many people start a home business with a shoestring budget and settle for a used office chair and a desk that has seen better days. While this is adequate to get you started, to keep up productivity and improve your well-being, you need a desk and chair that are ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing and functional.  

  • Desk Chairs:

Ergonomic chairs can often be adjusted to your particular weight and height so that you are sitting at the right height relative to your desk. Look for one with lumbar support to ease back strain and pain associated with spending long hours sitting at a desk. Try out the chair before you buy it, as there are many designs to choose from and your desk chair should make you feel comfortable and alert. If you choose a chair with arm rests, check that the arms will fit comfortably under the desk when you push the chair in.

  • Desks:

Office desks come in a number of designs and sizes. Obviously you will need to choose a desk that fits comfortably within your workspace, but that doesn't mean your need to choose a boring rectangular desk to fit in the corner of your office. A study conducted with over 100 undergrad students revealed that curved or rounded furniture is viewed as more comfortable and inviting. Rounded or curved desks also increase activity in the center of the brain that correlates with reward and aesthetic appreciation. Replacing your rectangular desk with a curved or rounded desk may elevate your mood and in turn increase your productivity. Another option for a desk to improve productivity is a standing desk.  According to Business Insider, research confirms that a standing desk improves productivity by up to 10 percent.

Other Office Furniture

Seating for clients or visitors is also an important part of your home office. The color scheme and design not only affects the comfort of your clients, it affects the overall mood of your workspace. Follow these tips for choosing office furnishings that improve the atmosphere of your office and promote productivity.

  1. Choose bright, cool colors for your office furniture to make your home office relaxing yet motivating. Cool colors are the colors of nature and include shades of blue, green and purple. In addition to making your office space feel calm and productive, they also create an illusion of space, making them ideal for the furnishings for a small office. Cool colors will put your clients at ease and improve your productivity, too.
  2. Select comfortable seating. When your clients or customers are treated to comfortable seating they will associate that with your services and are likely to view your home business in a positive light.

Refurnishing your office with furniture designed to increase your comfort and productivity is a great way to jumpstart your productivity and get you on track to running a successful home business.