Four Special Types of Label-Maker Tape Cartridges and Their Uses in Different Situations

Posted on: 30 June 2016

When you need to label a large number of containers, cabinets, or anything else in your business, an electronic label maker will speed up the job and ensure that the words on the labels are legible to everyone. But since some things are more difficult to label effectively than other things, which tape cartridge is right for you isn't always clear. If you're confused, check out these four special types of label-maker tape cartridges and their uses in different situations.

Iron-on Fabric Tape

In addition to being more expensive than normal tape, iron-on fabric tape can't just stick to the fabric you want to label. Instead, you'll need to either bring a normal iron into your business or utilize a commercial ironing press to complete your work.

However, this extra effort means that any labels you apply to fabric will be much more durable than anything coming out of an ordinary tape cartridge. In fact, even a serious rainstorm will have little effect on your work.

Laminated Tape

Though laminated tape isn't quite as durable as iron-on fabric tape, the extra layers of material in the laminated tape still provide far more protection against damage than what you'd find on ordinary tape. Laminated tape is especially useful if you need to label a lot of containers in a warehouse that aren't protected from moisture accumulation and wild temperature swings.

Tamper-Evident Tape

Tamper evident tape is especially useful when you need labels to seal boxes and can't trust everybody that comes into your business.

Since it's relatively difficult to remove a normal label from a soft material like cardboard without bogging up the adhesive with torn paper chunks (thus preventing the label from sticking back onto the cardboard properly and giving away the fact that the container was tampered with), this type of tape is more useful on harder materials like metal.

Fluorescent Tape

Fluorescent tape, or tape that glows in the dark, can be very useful for labeling containers you need to store outdoors and far from any convenient light sources. If you frequently work outside at night, this tape is also a great way to identify the objects you're working with without having to constantly hold a flashlight in one hand.

One drawback to fluorescent tape is that the glow will fade over time. So if you want to label a lot of things with it, make sure to specially budget for the replacement cartridges you'll need ahead of time.

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