4 Carpet Cleaning Tips To Ensure You Clean Your Carpets Properly

Posted on: 13 April 2016

If you have carpeting in your home, keeping it clean can be challenging, especially if you have children and pets that drag in dirt from outside and spill liquids. However, there are plenty of ways to ensure that the carpet in your home stays clean and lasts a long time before needing to be replaced. Before you start cleaning though, it's important that you know how to do it properly. Improper cleaning can lead to worse problems. Here are four tips to help ensure that you are cleaning your carpets properly:

  1. Vacuum Once Per Week: Even if your carpet doesn't look dirty on the surface, much of the dirt is underneath the fibers. This dirt is eventually going to set in and cause stains. This is why it's important to vacuum once per week to prevent many of these stains from popping up. By vacuuming once per week, you won't have to do a deep cleaning as often. 
  2. Check the Bleed of the Carpet: Some carpets bleed more easily than others. This means that the carpet is sensitive to cleaners and will lose its color and leave a permanent stain where the color has been lost. In order to be sure that the cleaning products you use won't cause this problem, you will want to test cleaners in an area of the carpet where it won't be seen, such as in the closet. If the color was not removed, the cleaner is probably safe to use throughout the rest of your home.
  3. ​Hire Professionals Once Per Year: Every year, it's important to hire professional carpet cleaners like H & L Janitorial Service. This is because they know how to remove any set in stains that you may have missed previously. They will also have the proper equipment for cleaning to ensure that it is done thoroughly. Doing this instead of renting a steam cleaner yourself is always best because attempting to deep clean the carpeting yourself typically isn't done as thoroughly. 
  4. Blot Stains: When something spills on the carpet, many people rush to wipe it clean with a towel. The problem with this is that when you rub at the liquid, you are actually helping it to become more set it because you are pushing it into the fibers. Instead, you should blot the area with the towel, which ensures most of the liquid is going to be absorbed into the towel. 

When you follow these four tips, you can be sure that your carpets stay clean and fresh for a long time to come, which will lead to the carpet lasting longer before needing to be replaced.